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In your bag No: 267 – Adrian Ong

2 min read

In your bag 267, Adrian Ong Todays bag is going to inspire a lot of gear envy, I have no doubt about that. Especially when you consider that Adrian is only 16 years old. Check it out.

In your bag #265 – Edwin Retuta

2 min read

In your bag 265, Edwin Retuta After yesterdays monster bag we have a bag that is a whole lot lighter. Edwin hails from Australia and brings us this compact bag with a whole range of interesting little cameras.

Why I think the M6 is the best Leica rangefinder I have been through a lot of cameras in my time, and I have owned a few different Leica bodies. I have also got the enviable position of being able to try out more cameras than you can shake a stick at, and I have […]

In your bag #261 – Dirk Vogel

2 min read

In your bag 261, Dirk Vogel Greetings from Germany, we have a bag for you today that is simple and effective. Dirk is a professional photographer and has offered to show us his personal project bag. Check it out.

Leica Monochrom scoop!

2 min read

Leica Monochrom scoop! I was contacted recently by a chap who said he had some info about the new Leica Monocrom, specifically how it came to exist. Well, I was certainly interested. So after a meeting in a darkened car park basement, the swapping of briefcases and stealing into the night (e-mail chat), I found […]

Shinjuku Camera Fair – 1st day Well, the first day of the camer fair has started and there were some surprises in store.I was there for the start, although this time I was on a purely recreational basis. Come and find out what I saw.

Kanto Camera – My new favourite store There are a lot of wonderful camera shops in the greater Tokyo area, but this one really stands out. Kanto camera are based in Kawasaki, and you really need to go there if you ever have the chance. Read on…

In your bag number 236, Christian Nilson Todays bag comes from one of my happy customers. Christian lives in Switzerland and has a lovely bag set for us. Lets have a look at what he shoots with…

My favourite finds Pt.2

5 min read

My favourite finds Pt.2 In part 2 of this series I am going to share with you the rest of my favourite finds that I have come across since I have been Japancamerahunter. It is always exciting to find a special item and these are the ones that really got my pulse racing.

In your bag number 228, Eugene Low A super simple shooters bag today. No frills, no collections of gear, just straight shooting. Eugene shoots on the streets of Singapore. Check out his bag.