B&W Battle: Silberra U400 vs. JCH Streetpan 400

B&W Battle: Silberra vs. Streetpan If you somehow missed the big news late last year, Silberra launched a ginormous crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to mass produce a brand spanking new lineup of black and white films. Now the fruits of everyone’s labor have slowly trickled down and the films are finally rolling (pun intended) out to the […]

Film News: Dubble Film first birthday surprise

Film News: Dubble Film first birthday surprise Dubble film is celebrating its first birthday and to do so they have a new film for us to try. Time to get Jelly. Introducing JELLY A new 35mm C-41 film pre-exposed with brilliant colours. Shooting with it is like using the sweetest party as your filter. The […]

PhotoKlassik Akademie Street Photography Workshop

PhotoKlassik Akademie Street Photography Workshop partners with JCH Street Pan Those of you who follow my posts regularly will have seen that I am writing for both Photoklassik (German language) and PhotoKlassik International (English language) magazines. We are now expanding our cooperation, and the PhotoKlassik Akademie will be using JCH Street Pan film for their […]

Film news: Photoklassik International Magazine

In case you missed it, Photoklassik magazine completed their successful Kickstarter campaign and have started sending out copies of the international version of the magazine. And what a magazine. A dedicated magazine for film photography. In case you did miss the Kickstarter though, fear not, as you can order yourself a copy of this wonderful […]

Introducing the JCH StreetPan Kassha

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Introducing the JCH StreetPan Kassha

Introducing the JCH StreetPan Kassha Many moons ago I was given a disposable camera, and it was fantastic. I had a blast shooting it and getting the images back. Which is when I thought to myself “I want to put StreetPan in one of these”. So I did, and this is the result. After months […]

Film News: Photoklassik International Kickstarter

Film News: Photoklassik International Kickstarter In case you didn’t know, PhotoKlassik magazine is an extremely popular print magazine in Germany. Now they have decided to branch out with an international edition. And they need our help. I’ve had the pleasure of working with the PhotoKlassik crew, for a while now, so it was exciting for […]

Film News: CineStill release Developer & fix B&W Monobath

DF96 “DEVELOPER & FIX” B&W MONOBATH, SINGLE-STEP SOLUTION There is a new developer in town, and this one doesn’t have an orange tint. The lovely guys at CineStill have been busy beavering away in the lab to come up with their own monobath developing solution. And you can get it now. This is what CineStill […]

Film News: Adorama scores a hat trick of blunders

Ruffling some feathers today on the interweb is this article by Mason Resnick for Adorama which explains away his reasons for never going back to film photography and promoting the digital way. While the never ceasing film vs. digital clash has become moot for most sensible people with a brain stem as they realize there’s a place […]

Film News: Double trouble from Dubble

Film News: Double trouble from Dubble Last year Dubble released two specialist films in conjunction with KONO! The Reanimated Film. And now they are back again with a couple more wild experimental films for you to try out. And as a special reward for JCH readers, we have some of this film to give away […]

Film News: Hasta la Vista baby, another fan fav takes a dirt nap

Marvin Gaye once belted out “Not much longer would you be mine, oh I heard it through the grapevine, oh i’m just about to lose my mind…” Well, what everyone’s heard and surmised for awhile has been confirmed by reliable industry sources: Agfa Vista is no more. Shouldn’t come as overwhelmingly shocking as it’s a […]