Film News: MINT releases details about the Rollei 35AF

Good news everyone! MINT have released details about the new Rollei 35AF camera, and it looks to be very promising. And it also serves up a plate of humble pie for some of the naysayers who thought it would be made from an old camera. It looks like the Rollei AF is going to be all new. New lens, new body, new camera. Fantastic!


The update from MINT tells us the following.

It is going to be an entirely new camera, to shoot 35mm full-frame.

  • Aperture range from f/2.8 through to f/16
  • A 5 element all glass lens with multi-coating. So that ends the salvaged lens rumors.
  • 35mm lens. So a nice 35mm f/2.8, exactly what I am looking for.
  • Full metal body. Which is a first for mint.
  • Price $650-800 USD. Which is pretty much what I expected it to be.


This is great news. A brand new camera, hot off the tails of the news from Pentax. It looks like Xmas 2024 is going to be pretty awesome. Time to start saving pennies as I anticipate the Pentax to be in a similar price range. It sucks that the Yen is so weak.

The more cameras we buy, the better for the industry. And the more the larger manufacturers will take notice. If they can see there is a market then they will not miss an opportunity. By showing our support from Projects like this the future of film looks pretty rosy.


The camera is not yet available, but you can register on the waitlist over on their new site

Don’t forget, MINT make a whole load of other great stuff and are famous for their Polaroid camera rebuilds. You should check their site out.

I know for sure I shall be getting one. How about you?

Comment and thoughts are welcome as always, just be cool to one another.