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My name is Bellamy Hunt, AKA Japancamerahunter. I live in Tokyo and love exploring the city, taking pictures and sharing my photographic knowledge with people. If you are ever in town drop me a line. You cannot miss me, I will be the guy walking around with a camera, a camera bag, a camera T-shirt and a nice shiny head. Chances are you will see me in one of the many camera shops around town.

Picture by Keichii Kondo, shot on StreetPan.

I source quality cameras and other photographic equipment from Japan to customers around the world. Having built strong connections in the camera industry over the past several years as a buyer and broker in Tokyo I am able to quickly and expertly meet the needs of each customer on an individual basis. No matter what it is you are looking for Japan has it, and I can find it. Contact me here to learn more.

Now then. There are lots of questions about what I do. Which I have answered in some cases. But just in case you missed them then you can follow the links here:
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What about Magazines and books? Well, I want them and I want to share them with the world.
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Are you interested in participating on JCH? I am always looking for writers who have something to contribute to the site:
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Want to read through all of the bag shots? Well, they are all here, but you will need a while, there are loads…
In your bag

I also take pictures sometimes and some of my images can be seen on flickr. You can also follow me on twitter .
Oh and I have a tumblr too.

Some tiresome details about my pictures Please don’t use my images without contacting me first. Taking peoples pictures is theft and this is part of my job. I am very reasonable about use, so please contact me and we can work something out. Thanks very much.

So that is all about me and JCH. I am very happy that you have read all of this and that you have visited my site. Be sure to come back, there is always something interesting going on.