I always appreciate feedback about the services I offer as it helps me to keep on providing you with the best.

My sourcing service helps people to get the right camera for them. And I love hearing about it when people are happy.  Here’s a few select highlights……

  • Bellamy provides an excellent service. I have purchased several items recently from him, and was more than pleased with the products, and the delivery. Well done Bellamy, you are not ebay and I am happy for that.
  • This afternoon, the Nikon FM3a and the 35mm 1.4 lens I asked Bellamy to source for me were delivered just six days after completing the necessary transaction. Looks as though the camera’s almost never been used! Beautiful! Can’t wait to try it out.
    Thanks for getting them for me, Bellamy, and thanks also for including the bonus red JCH film case.
  • I’m an avid follower of JCH – a site from which I’ve learned and enjoyed so much on analogue photography. I bought my first rangefinder from Bellamy a few years ago – a very happy transaction. I had also bought an M3 and ‘cron that somebody else had had restored and painted black by Kanto, so also had first hand experience of their meticulousness and sheer quality. 

    So I felt confident working with Bellamy and Kanto on a job of my own spec, really for my own enjoyment. 

    I chose an M2-R and a mkIV (7-element) 35mm Summicron for the job. I had some really specific ideas on colour scheme, but these were not standard colours done before either by Bellamy or Kanto. It’s an important point because the skill and experience of both parties were crucial in turning my scheme into a success. 

    Bellamy handled every step of the process with care, good communication, and patience. Crucially too he brought in his own extensive experience with rangefinders, and his experience working with Kanto to offer good advice, but without ever trying to override what I wanted. Kano, for their part, did a superb job and were equally patient and open.

    Bellamy’s experience with the process, his language skills, and his relationship with Kanto made this possible for me. But in my view, even if you are clear of what you want and are fluent in Japanese, the value Bellamy adds to the process makes engaging him to manage this a no brainer. 

    Thank you so much Bellamy!

  • Super fast delivery. Good communicator! I bought a black basic Leica M6 from Bellamy, the body is in pretty good condition and can’t believe that is over 20 years old camera.

  • Working with Bellamy to find my Hasselblad 903 SWC was a wonderful experience. In just eight days total he found two options for me, bought the camera I chose and had it in my hands in Oregon. His rate for this service is reasonable and completely transparent which I really appreciated. The camera itself is simply gorgeous and exceeded my expectations. Highly recommended.

Making you happy makes me happy. Period.