I work very closely with Kanto Camera, who have gained a reputation for their fine repainting and servicing work.

We currently offer repainting and servicing for a number of different cameras.

Please enquire to see if you camera can be done.

Usually we work with a supplied camera, but if you are looking for a camera then I can source one for you first and then we can arrange for the customisation work to be carried out.

There are a range of camera customisations that we offer, all of which will help make your camera uniquely yours.

Customisation Options

  • Camera repainting
  • Lens repainting
  • Camera brassing
  • Special coatings and treatments
  • Engraving

Customisation Description

The colour options are almost limitless. Although base colours are easier and often cheaper, I have previously fulfilled requests for gloss red, Ferrari blue and many others. For more difficult colours it is requested that a paint sample is provided if possible, so the colour can be matched.

Lenses can also be repainted (depending on the lens) to match the camera.

There are also options for brassing to be applied, or camera special coatings and treatments that bring out different effects.

You may also have engraving work done on the camera.

Cameras are stripped down to bare brass, repainted and completely rebuilt, including a full CLA. This is to ensure that the camera is working perfectly upon completion.

Process and Costs

This process takes 3 months to complete as the work is painstaking and completed with the highest quality possible.

Prices depend on the camera in question and the work being done, but can range from 120,000 yen up to over 200,000 yen.

I charge 15,000 yen for handling the process and the return shipping would also be applicable.