Film News: Pentax to release a new film camera very soon!

There are rumors swirling, ears are tingling and people are chattering. Something is coming, just over the horizon, but it is on its way. What could it be? Well, Pentax has managed to keep a tight lid on things for the most part, but the industry is all of a tizz about the news that Pentax are going release a new film camera soon. Just how soon is soon though?

You may recall that in 2022 Ricoh imaging announced that they were looking into the possibility of making a new film camera. This had the whole community not only buzzing, but also coming up with wild ideas of what it could be. There was a ton of speculation and a lot of naysayers too. But Pentax kept their heads under the parapet and continued to work on the project. They have even gone as far as to set up a film camera instagram account. Which you should definitely go and follow. They also have a link there to the new Pentax Film site, where you can sign up for a newsletter to get the latest info.

And they just dropped a new video…. telling us what they have planned for the new camera. And it is a lot!



And now it seems that Pentax have something, the result of their hard work and research has paid off. They are going to release a new camera, a half frame camera designed for the beginner in mind. Mentioning the high cost of film and how the younger generation are used to vertical format, they are going first with a camera that will appeal to first time users. The camera will have automatic and manual functions, zone focus and a manual rewind and advance.

They also go on to mention the lens, which has been inspired by the legendary Espio cameras. So it looks like this little camera will be packing a powerful lens, which will make all of the difference. You can really hear TKO’s enthusiasm for the project and how much he enjoys not only the camera but the film community too.

This is absolutely fantastic news. TKO goes on to mention that he hopes other manufacturers will be inspired by this work and also start work on film cameras too. Now that would be quite something, wouldn’t it? I wouldn’t mind a new LX, or a ‘new’ F3.

From what I understand this camera is only the beginning as well. Pentax plans on making a range of cameras for different users, at least that is the buzz on the underground feed.

This story will be updated as further information comes to light. What are your thoughts on the new camera and what do you want to see?