Film news: More Fujifilm cuts
Sad news today. We have known it for a while, but now it is official. Fujifilm are discontinuing most of the peel-apart films that are so dearly loved by many enthusiast. Read on…

Fujifilm are at it again, and it seems like nothing will be safe until they have got everyone shooting on their X system. The latest product to meet with the chop is the 4×5 peel-apart type films. We have all known for a while that they were planning on discontinuing them, but now it is official with this press release on the Japanese website (link here). They made sure they tucked this one away too, it is not easy to find on the site.

Basically it says that due to declining sales, the 4×5 peel-apart business will cease this year after all remaining stocks are sold off. We have until September to get whatever is remaining. This is when people start hoarding. They try to appease us in the last couple of lines by stating their commitment to film and hoping we buy their products, but they are hollow words in light of this.

I am not going to wax lyrical about my feelings on Fujifilm, but it saddens me that they continue this self fulfilling prophecy, upping the prices and then complaining that nobody is buying the products. I totally understand that they are a business, but shouldn’t they be listening to the demand from the public?

What bothers me the most is that Fujifilm will not open lines of communication about the idea of selling the peel-apart machinery to interested parties. I have handled some serious requests from groups interested in taking over the peel-apart business, but Fuji has basically refused to communicate with anyone about this. There are investors who would really like to be involved with this, but it seems there is no chance. If the previous cuts are anything to go by, Fujifilm would rather destroy or dismantle the machinery than sell it on.

This is a sad day for us all. I was really enjoying shooting this stuff. I am off to stock up on my own supply. Go and shoot a peel-apart film today, before you cannot. Enrich your photographic experience.

*updated* It seems that in my haste I didn’t read it properly. It is the 4×5 films that are getting the chop. But the regular FP100c film is not going to be far behind is history holds true.