Film News: TogTees 35mm Pint Glass

Now for something a little bit different. I guess you can call it film news. TogTees have been getting busy during the pandemic and have come up with a way to show their love of film whilst having a delightful pint, because right now we could all do with a pint.


A world-wide exclusive, this hand-made 35mm Film Pint Glass is the absolute perfect gift for any film photography lover. Perfect for beer, water, juice, smoothies….developer, fixer… just about anything you like. (Just don’t drink any chemistry…)

These glasses are Made in the USA and feature a real 35mm film canister that is permanently embedded in the glass.


– 16oz / 473 ml Pint Glass (US pint, so not a full pint for us Brits)
– Genuine 35mm Film Canister permanently embedded in each glass
– Limited Edition – Extremely limited quantities available
– Made in the USA using a patented process
– Hand wash only
– Ships worldwide

These are pretty unique and I am sure will sell out pretty quickly. Go and get yourself one now:

Made in Philadelphia
Facebook: @togteesofficial
Instagram: @togtees