Film News: Flavr
Flavr is the brainchild of Gustav Kollar and is an excellent visual resource for film lovers and shooters. Flavr stands for Film Lovers Analogue Reference. Gustav has clearly put a lot of work into this lovely project. Show your support and get your hands on this wonderful book.

My name is Gustav Kollar the author of FLAVR and a photographer from OnePlusOne. Put simply FLAVR is the most comprehensive visual reference of its kind for 35mm film stocks in the world.  This product was created with the aim of supporting both photographers new to film and those returning to film.  The visual nature of the product and its consistency in exposure and methodology make it easy to reliably evaluate each film independently of each other. FLAVR, is a portable visual reference for photographers using photographic film stocks both past and present.  FLAVR helps take the guess work out of evaluating exposure, contrast, dynamic range and tonal graduation for over one hundred different films. 

The overriding principle for this project was to ensure that each and every component of every image remained the same with the exception of the lm stock. The camera, lens, ash, model, studio and exposure per ISO are identical. This project was crafted within these parameters to give the best results with respect to comparing one image to another. Each film was shot at its corresponding ISO speed rating in bulk. This means that all of the 100 speed films were shot together and then the flash was reset for the 200 speed films and so on. Every exposure is the same within these ISO brackets and the equipment to make the exposures remains the same. The only variable in the sequence is the film stock itself.

This book is currently available on iTunes and Amazon, with a 5×8 softcover due for release in the near future.

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This is a fantastic piece of work and worth every penny. It even has StreetPan in it! Go and grab yourself a copy and take some of the stress out of which film stock suits you the best.