In your bag No: 1462, Dennis Santella
Dennis is back. He has been on the site before with a very cool bag and now shares with us another simple and very interesting setup. Check it out.

Hey all,

Thought I would send you an update and an unusual camera that’s actually getting some use.

I was featured back in In Your Bag No: 1018 and am still shooting regularly with the same camera and bag, but I’ve added something new for the WWI Trench project I described in that post.

This is a Seitz Roundshot 28/220 panoramic camera. My father, who haunts ebay perpetually, found a complete kit in brand new shape for an shamefully low price. It’s a cirkut style camera that rotates as it pulls the film past a slit behind the lens to make a panoramic image of any length you choose.

It is extremely well built and finished beautifully. Thanks to the digital controls and Nikon lens  you can dial in shutter speed, aperture, and select the number of degrees you want the camera to rotate.

The manual suggests you get a more even exposure using a 28mm PC lens, so I tried swapping out the lightweight Nikon AF lens it came with. Unfortunately, I found that because I’m rarely using the camera horizontally for what I’m doing, the motor would get bogged down with the heavier lens and result in uneven exposures.

When I’m in the field I put it in a Fjallraven backpack, but if I’m testing it out at home to get used to thinking circularly, I keep it in this small Timbuk2 messenger bag, wrapped in a Domke lens wrap.

Seitz Roundshot 28/220

Manfrotto mini tripod

JCH 120 Bikkuri case (or two) with Ilford HP-5

Two cases are necessary if I’m really out shooting, you only get four complete 360 degree shots to a 120 roll.

Thanks for looking. My first book of photographs is being released at the end of October by the new publisher SPQR Editions, along with four other great first monographs. Come to the launch and book signing if you’re in New York and say hello! 6-8:00pm October 28th at Affirmation Arts, 523 W 37th Street, New York, NY.

My website is and I’m on Instagram, although mainly to look at things.


Thanks for sharing your bag with us again, Dennis. I am sorry it took so long to get this one up. I hope you had a good show.

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