In your bag 1150, Adam Grayson
Adam’s bag is, well, more of a case. And for good reason, as there is something out there more dangerous than any alligator. Check it out.

Hello Bellamy and JCH readers,

Here is my bag…. um, well, maybe box of Leica goodness that is used for my film photography outings. This waterproof monster serves as myv field case when working as a biologist in Florida’s wetlands. This case also protects the camera and lenses from my three-year-old daughter who has taken a liking to photography and enjoys pretending to take photos with my cameras. Alligators are easy compared to her!

Inside this yellow Pelican 1400 case is;

Leica M3 single stroke

Leica M6 “Classic”

Leica 50mm Summilux V2, same vintage as the M3

Leica 40mm Summicron,

Leica 35mm Summicron V1 “goggled” for the M3 but looks sharp on the M6 as well

Leica 28mm Elmarit ASPH,

Voigtlander 21mm Color Skopar with Leica 21mm viewfinder

JCH / CFP Special Edition Yellow 135 Half case filled with a variety of film.
The Funky Buddha sticker is from a local brewery that creates some unique beers that I thoroughly enjoy.

I enjoy shooting with Leica cameras as they always have a story. For example, my M6 was owned and used in the field by National Geographic photographer Vincent Musi who sold the camera some years back. I used the camera to photograph many milestones in my life, such as the birth of my daughter, but foolishly sold the camera when money was tight. Through my own searching (almost called you for help!), I was able to find the M6 after a few years and now it is back in my hands where it will stay until my daughter gets old enough to enjoy it.

My website,, is there to help keep the creative juices flowing and not allow my photos to languish in my computer or film sleeves. Sometimes there is a photo and story, and other just a photo. I go back and forth from film to digital depending on my mood and subject, but my soul rests firmly shooting film on a Leica rangefinder.

Thank you for the consideration, and great work on the site! It is both inspirational and informative!

Adam Grayson

Thanks for sharing yourbag, or case rather, with us, Adam. I hear you on having to protect from little fingers. Lovely story on finding the M6 again.
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