In your bag No: 1226, Syngen Bingham
Syngen shares with us a sweet bag, that is stuffed full of really cool gear. Certainly not a light bag, but a fun bag nonetheless. Come and check this one out.

Hello JCH, first time poster here! I am Syngen Bingham, a 22 year old currently living in Long Beach, CA. I’m a freelance photographer who just can’t get away from shooting film. Although I do shoot most of my paid work in digital my true love is in film, but don’t we all here love it! Anyways here is my Spring- early Summer bag…

– A cheap messager bag I got from my older brother, it doesn’t look pretty but gets the job done!
– Pentax 6×7… Because you could always use a workout ;) and the photos are so crispy
– Polaroid automatic 100, for when you don’t want to wait to develop your photos.
– Olympus Infinity Stylus 35mm Point & Shoot for all those random shots you need to get fast
– Film I always need to have Portra400 in 35mm and 120mm, I also have been shooting some expired Portra 160NC this stuff is F$%king GOOD!
– Purrfect Kitty film carry case for that 120 film
– A pen and pad for taking notes till your fingers fall off
– Knife to seem tough but occasionally cut things
– Stickers to slap from Grade Goods and Camera Creeps Club

Links to my work below if you want to check it out or want to hit me up to shoot!

– Website:
– Instagram: @syngenbingham
– Flickr:
– Tumblr:

Syngen Bingham

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Syngen. What is it with knives? In Japan you would be in huge trouble for one of those.
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