In your bag 748, Ben Smart
Ben has not one, but two very cool film based bags for us all today. Come and check out these super cool setups.

Hi, my name is Ben. I’ve just quit my job and become a full-time photographer. I use digital for my day-to-day work. But film photography is my passion.

My first bag is a medium format setup. My medium format camera is a Bronica ETRS. I’ve owned several of these in my time (I currently have two bodies). It’s a wonderful camera which cam be picked up for very little. The downside is that it weights an absolute ton! Thought that didn’t stop me from taking it to Burning Man in Nevada.

I try not to use camera bags – in the photo is a large messenger bag.

I shoot black and white almost exclusively, and I develop and print my own photos. I like having control of the process from start to end.

Here is my 35mm bag. I own several Pentax MEs. I recently picked up a load of Fomapan which is what I’m shooting at the moment. I have no particular allegiance to a type of film on 35mm, but using 120 I shoot Fuji Acros and TMax 400. My shemagh comes with me everywhere – so useful. Same goes for a pair of shades and my iPad mini.


You can see some of my photos from Burning Man and beyond on my Flickr account –

You can check out my professional photography on my webpage –

Ben Smart

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Ben. I love the simplicity of these.
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