In your bag 710, Chris Despatie
WE have a really nice bag for you today. A great mix of film and digital, showing that they can get along in perfect harmony. Come and have a look.

Been following your site, and specifically the ‘In Your Bag’ section for some time now. I find it very interesting to see how other photographers approach their daily kit – be it professionals, amateurs or anything in between.

My name is Chris and I’m a 23 year old computer engineering student from Montreal, Canada. I’ve lived here all my life, but I’m looking to try to move to the west coast of the US once I graduate this spring – the weather’s beautiful, jobs are plentiful, and I need a change! I got into photography when I was in my first year of high school with my mother’s old Pentax K1000 and some B&W film, loved it, then dropped it until I picked up a Nikon DSLR about a year and a half ago. It’s been nothing but pictures since. :)

I love to do wildlife photography, especially birds, and I do offer my services for hire as a bit of money on the side to get me through school. As a result I’ve got a full Nikon kit in another bag. This one is what comes around with me 95% of the time I’m out and about in town, though, and it’s probably more interesting!


Gear list:

– Canon A-1 w\ 50mm f/1.8

– Panasonic GX1 w\ 20mm f/1.7

– Herchel Heritage backpack

– Moleskine notebook & gold space pen

– Rolls of Ektar 100, Superia 400 and Portra 160

– Flashlight

– iPod Classic

– Leatherman multitool

– Small pocketknife

– Laptop

– Business cards

– Wallet

You can find my work here:

– Chris

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Chris. Nice to see you shooting film alongside digital.
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