In your bag 784, William Lalonde
Up to the snowy streets of Ottawa today to check out the bag of young photographer William. A really simple bag for you all today.

My name is William Lalonde and I am a 19 year old amateur photographer from Canada’s capital, Ottawa.
Firstly, I really appreciate what JCH does. I am an absolute fanatic about cool gear so I come to this site each day to see what people around the world shoot on/shoot about and thought that I’d send in my own. I take photos of people on the street because I love capturing the essence of emotions, but I also like to shoot architecture and a little bit of portraits which I am focusing on now because it’s too darn cold to shoot outside.
Recently I set up my own darkroom, so a large majority of my recent work is in black and white which I have come to prefer much more over color. I was introduced to photography (in specific analog) during my first year of university in September of 2012 when I met my current girlfriend. I started shooting and figured that I wanted to take this a little more seriously to the point where I am now an accepted applicant to a college for photography starting in September of this year.
During this past summer, my good friend and fellow photographer took a 3 week back-packing trip in which we focused our efforts of traveling on documenting the streets and everything around it, and for that reason, it was the best trip I have ever been on.

Anyway, to my bag.

– An old optex camera bag, fits everything I have here just perfectly.

– Bronica ETRS with a Zenzanon 75/2.8 and a waist level finder. This is my newest addition and I probably prefer it to any other camera I’ve shot with.

– Contax G1 with a CZ Biogon 28/2.8. This was the camera I bought for my trip this summer and I absolutely love the sharpness of the lens. The TLA140 flash is a new addition. The only downside is the tiny viewfinder!

– Kodak Tri-X 400. Both in 120mm and 35mm. To me, there is no better film on the market.

– A 3 year old broken iPhone 4. Probably the best digital camera I’ve ever used. (lacking any DSLR experience, but not opposed to it)

– Contax leather cases for the flash and lens.

– Sunglasses.

– A notebook for whenever an idea about anything comes to me. I have an atrocious memory so it comes in handy.




Thanks for sharing your bag with us William, glad to hear you are getting into the darkroom thing.
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