The 36th ICS World Used Camera Fair


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The 36th ICS World Used Camera Fair
Another year rolls around and the camera traders and enthusiasts wait with baited breath, for now it is finally time for the Matsuya used camera fair. The one everyone has been waiting for.

The ICS fair is the biggie, the one that people wait all year for. And for good reason, this is the one where the stores and traders will be showing the very best items that they have collected over the previous 6 months. You get to see some really amazing items for sale too.
This year I have reports of a Leica 1.2 Noctilux, with the hood! A couple of Aspherical 35mm Summilux lenses, A Kardon Ektar 47/2 and many many other superb rarities.

As usual it will be a complete scrum in the morning. But in recent times the organisers have some up with some rules to combat this. Mainly that they assign a number to the first 20 people in the queue and they will be allowed to choose one premium item each. So it pays to be first.
Unfortunately some of the more unscrupulous (Chinese mainly) traders have taken advantage of this and have started employing students to wait outside the building from midnight to be first in the queue. When the tickets are handed out they immediately hand them to the boss, who takes 4 or 5 tickets for himself (having employed 4-5 students for a pittance). It seems there is little to no honour amongst some of the traders. I hope that the organisers will cotton on to this (I have brought it to their attention) and make it fair for everyone, instead of for a select few. I refuse to stoop to underhanded tactics and will continue to work with the organisers to try and make the fair and enjoyable experience for all.

This year there are going to be some changes at the show too. A couple of the stall holders (members) have closed their stores, so they will not be at the show. Because of the gap other stores have been assigned more space and there are going to be a couple of new stalls too. For the first time you are going to see manufacturers at the show. Should be interesting.
It was actually mentioned to me by a couple of the members that I should have a stall at the show. But as I reminded them, I need to open a shop to be eligible. So they just told me that I should open a shop as “you would be good for the business in Japan”. Well, that is nice to hear. Perhaps a JCH store would not be out of the question. We will see.

The show will be held in the Matsuya Department store in Ginza, on the 8th floor event space. The show will start from 10am on the 19th of Feb (Wednesday) to the 24th. But, be warned, the first day will be completely insane, and Sunday will be bonkers too as the Tokyo marathon will be on at that time and passing through Ginza. Be prepared for crowds.

As usual I will be there, doing my thing, buying and reporting for all of you lovely people. I hope to see you there too. If you are not going to be there but you want me to look for something for you then mail me by clicking here and I can get you something special. After all, I am JapanCameraHunter.

7 comments on “The 36th ICS World Used Camera Fair”

    Harman February 13, 2014 at 10:15 am / Reply

    A shop? hmm, intriguing.. maybe the next time I’m in Japan I would be able to visit a JCH store? :D

    Basti February 13, 2014 at 4:14 pm / Reply

    How much is it to get in? Or is it free?

      Bellamy February 13, 2014 at 9:16 pm /

      It is free, but heavy on the wallet.

      Basti February 14, 2014 at 7:13 am /

      Thanks! Might be there on the last day!!!

    Casey February 13, 2014 at 6:30 pm / Reply

    always a good time, hope to see you there…

    Antoine R.T. February 14, 2014 at 1:34 am / Reply

    I think you could do great with the shop, your reputation as a buyer is a great capital.

    I have no problem buying 50$ soviet cameras on the bay, but when the day comes that I have the budget for a Leica, I can’t think of anybody else to buy it from. Dropping significant cash on a used camera is scary !

    Anyway, good luck with the fair, it sounds crazy, and please bring back some good camera porn for us !

    Basti February 19, 2014 at 7:28 pm / Reply

    Just came back from the fair.
    Only got one item on my list. But a lot of other stuff that wasn’t on my list….efke and Agfa film. And a lot of small parts.

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