More awesomeness from GradeSelect
As you all may know, I love the ‘Buy Film Not Megapixels’ shirts and stickers from Gradeselect. I find it especially amusing when I am wearing the shirt and I have a digital camera in my hand (for testing, of course)…Anyway, I just got some lovely new things in the post and I think you should all know about them.

I swear, I pretty much only wear camera/photography related T-shirts nowadays. In fact it dawned on me that I have more camera shirts than I do regular shirts. Ahh well, live the life you love. And many of these lovely shirts have come from Ray over at the great

And now there are some new T’s and some new stickers. Now see that black on black one on the left? Yeah, that one is awesome! Pictures don’t really do justice to how cool this T looks. But I am very happy to have it.
But it is not just the Buy Film T’s that look good. I love the white bricks T too. Something a bit more skater-ish (ex-skater here) for all those who don’t need a logo.
I missed out on getting a Mijonju shirt, snooze you lose. But who knows, if enough people want one perhaps there will be a JapanCameraHunter-X-Gradeselect shirt one day.

And the new stickers. These ones are the best yet. Why? Because they are CLEAR! Yes, clear stickers, so you can use the background to enhance or conceal the message. I love these. The Gradeselect ones are embossed too!
Obviously I am going to slap mine everywhere and a lucky few will get some with their film cases if they make an order this week. They will be chosen totally at random though, so no complaints if you didn’t get the one you wanted, they are a free bonus after all.

So, go and get your shirts and your stickers. Stick them anywhere, stick them everywhere. You can even tweet to Gradeselect and show them where you have your sticker…I wonder where the most interesting one could be?

Have a great weekend