In your bag No: 1374, Cameron Sandercock
Cameron is undertaking an epic trip across Australia, a trip I myself have done. And he has got some cameras with him. So he has decided to share his travel setup with us. Check it out.

Hey fellow JCH readers! My name’s Cameron and I live in Australia, currently out of the back of my van as I travel across the desert from the West coast to the East coast with my girlfriend! Pictured is my humble camera set up for our trip, alongside the best bag I’ve ever owned, and sitting inside my ’96 Mitsubishi Delica.

I’ve been photographing for about 3 or 4 years now after seeing a girls photos on Instagram and deciding I really wanted to do that too! Long story short, that girl is now sitting next to me in our van as we drive through the Australian desert. But why would I go on about love when I could be talking about gear!!!

The digital camera (Sony a7) is neatly tucked away in its box never to be touched during this trip because lately I’ve been falling more and more in love with film photography and it just feels right. So pictured is the gear I make do with now, after being through too many fancy digital cameras, I have found joy in the simplest of set ups.

Lubitel2: Gifted to me by my girlfriend who picked it up when travelling in Hungary. It is a literal black box that I have just recently taken some of my favourite photos on. I really like the results from 120 film (especially the pictured Tri-X) and hope to one day get in to an interchangeable lens system, though I could never fully part with the Lubi. I currently metre with a phone app, which is a nightmare. I haven’t tried the ilford yet. Strapped with some paracord I braided.

Nikon F-301: My main camera here, though I’m not in love with it. I dream of one day replacing with an fm3a. I don’t care much for the automatic film advance. I just bulk bought this agfa 200 film second hand and am yet to see what it looks like, but I doubt I’ll be disappointed for the price I paid. Same strap as the lubi.

Nikon 28mm e series: cheap and most importantly small and light.

Nikkor 50mm 1.8: I wish it was the e series because it could be smaller and lighter.

Polaroid 600: Low light blurry portraits on this business edition bad boy, loaned to me by a friend. Currently loaded with impossible project bw2 film.

Moleskine: Have many notebooks, pictured is one of them. It’s essential.

Crumpler Kashgar Outpost (medium): Literally the best bag ever. Fits soooo much stuff. I wouldn’t pack all three cameras here but I would fit the Lubi and Nikon and all other bits and pieces. Deceptively spacious and I like that there’s no leather. I could rave about this bag all day.

And that’s all the fun bits anyway. I do have some other cameras but these are the important ones that actually get used. Thanks for reading and love the website Bellamy, great job!

You can find me on (digi and film)
Instagram: @a_mugs_game



Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Cameron. Have a wonderful trip.
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