In your bag No: 598, Samuel Wong
We get to have a look inside the bag of a school teacher today. And not a paper or a piece of confiscated chocolate in sight. Instead just a couple of simple cameras and some film. Great stuff.

I am a long-time reader of JCM (who is JCM?), and I would like to share my bag! I am a school-teacher in Singapore, teaching English to 17-18 year old students. I am also the teacher-in-charge of the Photography club here in school. I have been playing around with cameras for the last 20-odd years, starting with an old Nikon FM2 SLR that a friend sold to be at a very reasonable price. Right now, I am primarily a Canon shooter, using the EOS6D primarily to cover school events.

Recently though, I am going back to film for my own personal shoots. Despite the convenience of digital, somehow… I find the digital files today lack character (for no better word). So, over the last 3 years, these are the cameras that I have obtained for my own use!

a) Fuji GA645 Professional – an autofocusing 6×4.5 MF Rangefinder with a wickedly sharp Fujinon 60mm/f4 lens

b) Canon EOS 500N with EF40mm/f2.8 lens – small, simple SLR. And the 40mm lens is my favourite because of the FOV!

c) Lowepro Messenger bag – just enough for these 2 cameras and some rolls of film.

d) Films – no particular favourites. But, I am primarily a B&W film user as it is more economical to develop my own film at home. Currently, I have stocks of Fuji Acros and Rollei Retro film. Slide developing here is very difficult, especially with the cessation of developing by the last commercial lab in Singapore. Fortunately, we have a dedicated photographer who is offering E6 processing in his own darkroom! So, if you are in Singapore, please contact Analogue Film Lab! (

I am currently saving up for that awesome looking gold Contax T2 on your website… sigh…

So, that’s my bag! Thank you for reading!

Sam (

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Samuel. A very interesting combination you have there.
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