In your bag 702, Arėjukas
Well, you don’t see one of these bags very often. One with guitars in it, I mean. But I am guessing that the guitars don’t actually go in the bag.

After 20 years of photographic technological advances, I still exposed a few rolls of Tri-X this year, and I still used the same 50/1.8 Nikkor lens. I did buy some fancy new multi-grade paper, but that’s about it for change.

I’ll admit that I’ve been capturing way more frames with a 50mm-ish lens on my OMD (EM5), but I still can’t get monochrome micro 4/3 to look quite right compared to 135 film.

After a spate of bag lust and acquisition, I was lucky enough to find the perfect one stuffed way in the back of my closet – where it sat unused for a decade or more.

Although there are all kinds of ways to carry cameras, occasionally someone comes up with a design that is so functional it transcends time. So, although it ain’t a hipster eye grabber, this one is staying with me for the forseeable future.

BTW, my one and only go to film camera is an F3 that my dad handed down to me. The Vivitar series one zoom is the reason I bought this Lowepro case in the first place. My trusty 50 and a tele-extender fit nicely along with everything else I need. There’s room for film and some filters as well.

These days what you’ll usually find inside is the Panasonic-Leica 25/1.4 (not a “real 50mm”, but close enough) and a Zuiko 75-300 zoom. With the super-zoom and fast prime in the main compartment with the body, the small pockets hold an extra battery, extra SD card instead of film, and ND or CPL filters that go under the flap.

This bag is perfect for whichever setup I feel like bringing along.

My iPad mini took this picture. It’s all I need to edit and post photos on the go.

Bellamy, I love checking out all the awesome photo stuff on your site. Keep up the great work.
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Thanks for sharing your bag and your guitars with us Arėjukas. Next time, take the lens caps off.
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