In your bag 701, David White
I always feel a sense of ‘what next…?’ after a big number bag. But I need not worry when people like David send in their wonderful bags. David is a returnee too. Come and check it out.

I’m back! I was #504, but that bag is now 100% Speed Graphic. I bought a new bag, from Oz who has a shop on Etsy, I was looking for a travel satchel and bought this, which took longer than quoted so I contacted him, he told me that it had been raining so the goat leather wasn’t drying as fast as it should. I have no idea if that was true, but it made it a lot more special. It’s really beautiful.
In my new bag is my 501cm, bought new in 2001, with my name engraved on the side (probably a Hasselblad marketing ploy so I never sell it and keep turning over H’s for work!) 80mm, 50mm (good to see “distagon”making a modern day revival) , a Metz 45, with skyports, Sekonic light meter (which eats AAA’s) and a mini tripod, which I usually mount the flash to.
film is mostly tmax400, but I have a heap of old transparency in the bar/photo fridge I pull out sometimes. We are all going away this weekend for our first trip together to Tasmania (me, camera, wife, child & lots of film).
My website is and I still shoot lots of uninteresting things to put food on the table, but I love your site and escaping in it’s photographic purity.

Kind Regards

David White

Thanks for coming back to us David and sharing your bag again. I always love seeing how bags change. I love the leather bag too. I shall have to have a look at them.
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