In your bag 916, Tim Heubeck
Tim is rather fond of two things. Fujinon lenses and very strong mints.

My name is Tim Heubeck and I am a amateur photographer based in Germany.
I have already been featured on JCH (link), but since my bag changed quite a lot I wanted to entry a new submission.

I still like to travel a lot and use these trips for several different things such as street photography, landscape, architecture,… But if I go out shooting here I mostly go for street stuff, which is what I like most.

Last year my bag was just a Hadley Large, X100s and some random things.

It has changed quite a bit. I first made the switch from the X100s tot he X Pro 1 and the 23mm lens, because I wanted the faster aperture of F1,4 in comparison to F2 and also the possibility to change lenses when needed. Then I bought the 60mm Fuji lens, which I did not like too much because of the slow auto focus. So I sold that and bought the 35mm lens. A backup Fuji Xe-1 is what I will buy pretty soon too. In order to create better quality video and just as a second camera.

Also new in my bag is a Minolta Hi Matic 7 SII. This is my first real film camera, since I am too young for having experienced film in the past. I cleaned and repaired it and now it runs perfectly. I usually carry some color and black and white film (mostly 200 and 400 speed). Film just lets you slow down and also has a positive impact on your digital photography. And some Fishermens Friend to keep refreshed.

The bag is a Hadley Pro and I also have a Hardcase whenever I need extra protection.
I usually do not carry a Laptop, just if needed for backups sometimes. My ipad and nexus 5 serve me well for most of the time.

Here is a summary of my camera bag:

– Fuji X-Pro 1

– (Fuji Xe-1)

– Fuji 23mm F1.4

– Fuji 35mm F1.4

– Minolta Hi-Matic 7 SII

– Couple of rolls of film

Lightmeter and cable release

– Ipad Mini with camera connection kit (not on the picture)

– Ray Ban sunglasses

– Nexus 5 (not on the picture)

– External batterie for charging on the go

– Spare batteries and memory cards for the camera

– Hadley Pro

– B+W Type 40 Hardcase

– Notebook

– Fishermen´s Friend

This represents my maximum kit, usually I do not go out with all this stuff.
For example when shooting on the street I just take the X-Pro 1 and the 23mm lens to keep things light.

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Thanks for reading

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Tim. An impressive Fuji haul.
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