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DrSmoothDeath has a nice little project for us that I have a bit of a weakness for. I love classic American automobiles. They are so unwieldy and uncompromising. I would dearly love to wander around the USA finding cars. For now, this project will soothe me. Check it out.

Hi drsmoothdeath here! I’m currently a resident of beautiful Portland Oregon.



It is one of the most picturesque cities I’ve had the pleasure to live in and is usually a great backdrop for my subjects. I’ve always been a fan of older automobiles and learned quite a lot growing up in Reno Nevada. Every August the city holds their “Hot August Nights” event with just about every car make and model you could imagine. Most of the cars are in “show” condition which is just fine but I really like when a car has some bumps and scrapes and shows some sort of a story.


I moved to Portland about 7 years ago and didn’t really pick up the camera “seriously” until about two years ago. I really got back into photography through Instagram and met a lot of fellow photographers that had the same subject in mind as me and in the process I’ve made and met a lot of great people this way (of course there’s also Flickr, which again I’ve met a large number of super talented photographers through as well.) I started my way back into film by picking up a few cheap point-and-shoots/rangefinders at the local thrift shop and set out on my way.


Now I’ve used my fair share of beat-up cameras and always wanted something nicer of course (as we all do at some point…) and finally got my hands on some nicer gear. My pictures did improve, but I think I was just more inspired and just plain ol’ more interested in what I was doing (lesson learned.) I generally ride my bike or walk and smaller cameras are a great fit for this. Something small and unassuming is usually quicker and as I’ve found out more recently makes people a little less weary of “what you’re doing”… although people are still very cautious when you may be ogling over their prized possession.



Currently my “always with me cameras” are the Ricoh GRDIV and either the Olympus XA2 or Contax TVS III. I shoot digital to document my sightings for my Instagram followers and of course always shoot film as well. I post daily on Instagram and throughout the week on Flickr, so if you’re on either of these then please come by for a visit…, .


Thanks to Bellamy for the chance to be featured and as always keep up the great work! :)

Thanks for sharing this with us, drsmoothdeath. Cool name too.

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