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Today we have not one, but two projects to feature. Though there is a good excuse for it as they are connected as part of a series. Tim Heubeck shares his thoughts on the impersonal nature of modern society. Check it out.

I am a photographer based in Germany and started photographing over five years ago and later on found my photographic  voice. By completely focusing on long term projects, publishing books and the choice of black and white I have paved my personal way of escaping from a society getting faster and more impersonal than ever before.

My ultimate purpose in photography is to show the world through my eyes and displaying a timeless feel of the world. It is less about what things we are familiar look like, than moreover with what lays beyond the surface. Experiences, memories and encounters forming our life and who we are.

As a result of a world getting more intangible then ever, I decided to publish books in order to bring back the physicality of art and revealing the only true way of showing a photograph (in my opinion): through print. This may also be the reason why I completely shoot on film for my projects, taking the instant out of my process and putting more value in each individual image.

The beginning of a dream

The first one is called “the beginning of a dream” and was published last year:

The book “the beginning of a dream“ is the first book of the series “a box beneath my bed“. It shows a different view on the city of Istanbul and focuses on how it feels to be like in a city drawn between the modern culture and traditions.

Moreover it sheds light on the present situation away from the sights and the tourists, on a city separated by the Bosphorus and divided into two continents.

The images convey a melancholic feel strengthened by the choice of black and white and a special type of uncoated paper.

How would I describe the photography in here? A mixture between street photography and images without people to convey a melancholic and timeless feel.

Fragments of reality

The second project I would like to share is my latest one which is “fragments of reality”:

The book “fragments of reality” is a project about memory.

Certain images, places and feelings that stick in our mind forever. Furthermore it is about the search for this “ideal” place that corresponds to our memory and is a visual journey on finding it.

It is part of the series “a box beneath my bed” and is the second book after “the beginning of a dream”. A series about dreams, reality and the supernatural.

Furthermore “fragments of reality” is about anonymity in our present culture. Streams of peoples and faces blur in our imagination. To compliment the whole feeling of the work I have decided to only focus on shooting black and white film. The images are mostly about light and conveying a certain feeling of melancholy.

Besides that I also run a YouTube channel (Tim Heubeck Photo) and an Instagram page (@wasteoffilm).

Tim Heubeck

Thanks for sharing your work with us, Tim. I like your Youtube channel, great stuff.
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