In your bag 700, Rikard Landberg
Congratulations to Rikard for being number 700. Rikard has been on the site once, twice and now a third time. And deservedly so, for this bag is delightful.

My name is Rikard Landberg and i live in Sweden.

I finally got a camera bag, sort of.

I have tried many different camera bags over the years, but it always ends up with me wrapping my cameras in an old t-shirt in my old regular backpack instead.

Now I have found the perfect solution, a bag that turns my regular backpack into a camera bag , amazing!


In my camera bag :

Olympus Mju II ( Stylus Epic ) .

This is the camera that I always have in my pocket. It is also the camera that I use if I do not have time to think about settings, etc. A wonderful snapshot camera!

Leica M2

This is my daytime camera. It is always loaded with a roll of Tmax 400. I really love this camera , it is almost 60 years old but works just as if it were made today. I can always count on it!

Leica M5

This is my evening and night time camera. Loaded with Tmax 400 @ iso 800/1600 or Tmax 3200th This is a new-found love. The Ugly Duckling . It is absolutely wonderful to shoot with , if you have not tried an M5 , do it!

Seconic 208 light meter

A bag with Tmax 400 and Tmax 3200th

Take a look at my photos on my photo blog, .

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Rikard, and congrats for being number 700. I love that you have finally been able to find a solution.
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