In your bag 703, Ming Thein
I think many of you know Ming. He is the man behind the hugely popular blog and the most popular bag shot of all time on JCH, number 400. Today I got to spend the day with him in Tokyo, and this was his bag. And This is real, he really was carrying all of this. Check it out.

A quick poor quality grab with my iPhone on the hotel desk – nowhere else to put all the gear, and no cameras left over after all were put into the shot! I’m here (in Tokyo) on assignment and for video work (that’s a separate E-M1 based kit with my partner). I’m carrying:

Hasselblad 501CM with HC4 prism and CFV-39 digital back
Zeiss CF 4/50 FLE, 2.8/80, 4/150 lenses
Ricoh GR and GW-3 21mm converter
Cable release, Voigtlander VC-Meter II
A lot of spare batteries (more than shown), spare 32GB CF and SD cards
Late 2012 MacBook Air, fully loaded
Wacom Intuos Small tablet
Gitzo GT1542T Traveller tripod without the centre column, and an Arca-Swiss P0 Monoball. That thing around the top is a Gitzo belt holster I found at Bic Camera.
I have a Billingham 307 that carries it all, and a Billingham Hadley Digital as a day bag that holds two ‘Blad lenses, the 21mm converter and accessories. GR goes in a holster, and the ‘Blad itself is in hand.


Thanks for sharing this bag with us all Ming, it is really cool to see what you shoot with. I am sure a lot of people are interested to see inside this bag. Thanks for walking around Tokyo with me today, it was a blast.
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