In your bag No: 1309, Norbert Steinkamp
Norbert brings us an interesting bag shot today. I think this is the first one that I have seen shot on a straw bale. But appearances can be deceiving. Check it out.

Hello there, My name is Norbert Steinkamp. In my ‘real’ job I work as a clinical ethicist at a University Medical Center in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Nijmegen is a university town close to the Dutch-German border, situated about 15km downriver from where the Rhine makes a turn to the West and splits up into the Waal and other, smaller rivers.

Photography has been a passion of mine for years. Next to acquiring some (not too much) decent gear I’ve been trying to invest in education. I travel quite a bit, both for my work and for pleasure.

Apart from daily digital photography I continue to enjoy using film cameras. Film photography slows me down and grants me a sensual experience of images that digital files cannot provide.

In my first bag shot I’m showing you my personal heritage bag. It contains both the first camera my father bought for himself in 1954 – which he gave to me shortly before he died 7.5 years ago – and my very own and trustworthy first (and nowadays only) Leica M camera, which I treated myself to in 1993.

Both cameras are being used regularly and with pleasure, next to a Sony A7II with 35 and 55mm lenses, a Linhof Technikardan S23 and Schneider Super-Angulon 58mm f/5.6, and two medium format pinhole cameras made by Zernike Au.

The bag in this shot is a Dothebag in brown leather, distributed by in Berlin or in Kassel, both Germany. This bag is unobtrusive, feels valuable and great, and contains the following items:

  • Voigtländer Perkeo I medium format rangefinder with a Vaskar 80mm f/4.5 and native Voigtländer rangefinder 93/184 as well as lens hood 310/32
  • Leica M6 ‘classic’ in silver-chrome with a silver-chrome IV. generation Summicron 50mm f/2, lens hood 12585 H and red – black –red silk strap by Artisan & Artist
  • Leica table tripod and ball head
  • A couple of Kodak 400 T-max films 120 as well as Ilford Delta 100 pro and 3200 pro, both 135.
  • iPhone 5 and matching earphones with integrated microphone for music, audiobooks and Skype calls from abroad
  • Montblanc Meisterstück 149 (fountain pen)
  • Rhodia writing book A5

The bag and gear are presented on an empty pillowcase with straw pattern, designed by Gosia and Marcin Dziembaj in Szczecin / Poland (!contact/c6u4), distributed by No Wodka in Berlin ( I’m not affiliated with these stores in any way; just mentioning them because they make cool stuff J

As I’m half analogue and use photography for deceleration, my web space still has to blossom into a grownup website. Feel welcome to have a look anyway. I made a couple of posting in English before the German ones from last summer. You can also find a few entries on

Thank you very much, Bellamy, for providing good content on your website, thanks everyone for watching!
Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Norbert. You caught me out with the pillowcase, very cool. And that Voigtlander, that is nice.

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