In your bag No: 1253, Matthias Winkel
Matthias has a very straightforward bag, that is far from being lightweight. This is some serious kit. Two outstanding cameras, which he seemed to get for total bargains. Check it out.

My Name is Matthias Winkel, living in Hamburg/Germany. I started to take pictures with my parents old Zenit SLR, which must have been 15 years ago at the age of 18. Being an active person I always dislike to bring heavy equipment to my journeys. On the other Hand I love good quality and diversity in formats. And I really dislike to spend too much Money. I want to be able to shoot a portrait, a skate trick, landscape, long exposure, colour and black/white without really having a big backpack with – while always shooting film. Soooooo you see here my very practical, maybe boring solution. Keep it simple

Leica M6ttl, with an older 50mm Summilux – orange filter is always on for b/w. I Never really wanted a Leica, but a friend of Mine Told me that it’s a Camera that would fit me very well. He kinda put something in my Head and one day I found an amazing offer in a photo shop in Hamburg. Let’s put it that way: it would have been still a good offer for a heavy used m3 – not a Brand new m6.

The Tx1 was a great offer too. After looking for months on the bay someone put this barely touched beauty online – for half the prize of a XPAN and with the original grip. Couldn’t Be more lucky with that. The 90mm came a year later, also Way cheaper then expected. Wouldn’t say I’m the germancamerahunter, but Hey we all love lucky offers.
Tripod is something chinese and not italien. It does it’s job.

The Bag is a simple hip bag from chrome, fits in a camera, extras and a lens. Other camera and tripod get wrapped around the shoulder. The cable release is missing on that picture. It’s usually the item I forget to bring too.
Take note: Support your local photo lab, buy there film and keep that thing alive. Buy Leicas for cheap from rich people who don’t shoot. Be Robin Hood.

If you want to See some of my work:

High 5, Matthias

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Matthias. Very cool, the GermanCameraHunter, haha.
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