IN YOUR BAG: 1742 – John Yokoyama

For this week’s installment of “In Your Bag” we have John Yokoyama!  This is his second feature, you can see the first here. I will leave it to John. 

Hey! What’s up! Longtime. This is my 2nd time writing for, “What’s in your camera bag”. However, the last time I was in the mountains. This time it’s the concrete jungle of Tokyo.

That means I need a special camera bag that can serve a dual purpose for both work and play.  You know, something durable for the long, tuna-can-packed, soul-draining commute. Yet, the bag needs minimum “panache” so that my clients don’t think I just came off-the-mountain, off-the-school bus, or off-the-bicycle. Yes, I do work a little, thank you.

However, you’re correct. I seem to have a job that allows an unreasonable amount of free time to indulge in my love for film photography. A hobby which happens to fall under my greater passion for antiques and/or buying useless junk that nobody cares about. Obviously single.

Anyway, like many of you, I have a few cameras, too. And like many of you, I often set up my camera bag depending on my activities for the day.

The Bag

Here it is! A Billingham 225. A beautifully, handcrafted leather, brass, dual-laminate canvas, waterproof  bag made in Cradely Heath, England. I bought mine used. It’s an older model with high quality, German Opti zippers. The 225 was always my dream camera bag. The bag I always aspired to as a “young gun” and despite the high cost, it’s worth its weight in gold. I can use it throughout the four seasons with confidence my gear will always be protected. Plus, it looks sweet and gets better with age.

Getting hungry? Shall we have a Chippy Tea now? By the way, I’m carrying my three favorite “Made in England” cameras. First up, there’s a Kershaw Curley III from 1950. Made in Leeds, it uses 120mm film and shoots huge 6×9 exposures. There’s supposedly only 76 ever made. Kinda rare. Next, my personal favorite, is a 1937, made in London, Purma Special with four lens attachments. It’s a 127mm film camera with a unique gravity shutter. I’ll properly introduce this camera in an upcoming article. Lastly, there’s a 1985 Polaroid Super Color 635. Technically, not English, but still made in the UK. That means Canada, right? Lol. Apple cider vinegar, please.

In the front pockets theres a pack of Polaroid 600 Plus Instant, Kawauso Shoten Rera Chrome 100  and made in UK, Fujifilm Neopan Acros 100II Professional. Daily work bag you say?  Of course, there’s a notepad and an old 90’s Pilot “Mitsui Air” pen.  I usually carry an extra tie, in this case a Hermès, you know, you never know when. I really like my lucky pen, just saying.

Other items include a pair of vintage American Shuron “Windsor” glasses from the early 1900’s. I feel the 1974 Canon Palmtronic “Panther” LED calculator is a good icebreaker.  Which changes to Casio, depending on a certain client.  Did I mention the JCH film holder? I was awarded it at a recent JCH sponsored photo walk.  Mine’s “British racing” green! Finally, for the long commute, there’s a 1983 Sony Sports Walkman and 2015 Harmon Kardon Soho headphones. Did I miss a decade? Thanks for reading. If you’re interested to see my photos, I’m on instagram or at my website.  Don’t be shy. Please say “こんにちは”.

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