IN YOUR BAG: 1744 – Simon Wiedeman

For this week’s installment of “In Your Bag” we have Simon! Getting back to analog set ups…pair of beautiful cameras in the Makina 67 and Bellamy’s favorite Nikon F3. Check it out!

Hello, my name is Simon Wiedemann and I work in the south of Germany as a radiologist which I also consider some form of photography.

The Bag

My backpack is the model Prvke of the brand Wandrd which is my faithful companion for 2 years.
Makina 67:
My newest addition to my camera collection is the Makina 67, which is also my entry into medium format. I’ve been lurking around this camera at my local dealer for a long time because of the hefty price tag, although it was clear to me that sooner or later I would not be able to resist. The the handling took some getting used to at first but the picture quality is breathtaking.
Nikon F3:
My first real camera. It has been all over the world and has never let me down. Even a bath in Coca-cola couldn’t harm it. So if I had to choose one for all…it would be this beauty!
After using Ilford HP5 exclusively for a long time, I discovered my joy in Kodak Portra 160 this summer. I like to shoot wide open which is why I prefer lower ISO now.
My Kinto coffee mug is never be missing. I love the design and it provides me with my favorite coffee throughout the day, even when I’m on the road.

Social Media

Simon Wie
Instagram: iamsimonwie
Grainery: simonwie


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