In your bag 717, Denis G
Two bags for the price of one today. Can you tell which one is my favourite?

My Name is Denis G. and I am a photographer from Lyon, France.

I have been practicing intensively photography since 2007 when I bought a Pentax K10D, but I Had my first Pentax at the beginning of 90″s and especially a Pentax Z1 that I still use.

Even if most of my photographs are digital, I love old cameras. I have several reflex and rangefinders (Pentax, Leica, Canonet, …) in small format, but also several medium format (Rolleiflex, Mamiya C330 &RB, Pentax 645 & 6×7, fuji GW690, Bronica SQ Ai & Am) and since a few monthes several view camera: a complete Sinar F 4×5″, a Busch Pressman D 4×5″ and to be completed with some lens boards, two old french Ilko viewcamera in 5×7″ and 8×10″

I also have a lot of bags and cases, but I don’t think I have found the perfect one!

Whatever, I use mainly two of them and I hope to find configurations for the others in order to be able to use more cameras , easily and quickly.

So I present you now these two bags and I will present you some more in the future.

The first bag is a large messenger TENBA , shoulder bag and it is an hybrid of analog and digital with:

–  Pentax K5

–  Tamron 17-50/2.8

–  Pentax 50-135/2.8

–  spare battery

– an infrared trigger for studio flashes

– some spare SD cards

– cleaning cloth

– pencil

– notebook

– 3.5A Rolleiflex from the 50’s recently CLA’ed

– lens hood

– an equivalent to the Rolleinar II for close up

– sekonic 308s as lightmeter for the Rolleiflex and as Flashmeter for the studio

– HP5+ roll film


The second bag is an HAMA Video Shoulder bag with:

–  Busch Pressman D, 4×5 View camera

–  magnifier to do the focus on the glass

–  135/4.7 Rapax lens

–  soft release

–  bicolor red/dark cloth for focusing

–  Manfrotto tripod with a video head.

–  several sheet films holders

I am doing especially portraits, nude and boudoir with analog and digital. Digital is usally posttraited with Lightroom and analog developed at home and then scanned with an epson V500. I will have a darkroom in a few weeks for enlarging photos on papers!

You can see most of my work on my flickr:

I also have a blog (currently in french only) at

a book for seeking models:

A wall on Facebook:

a Fan page:

and a twitter:

You are all welcome to visit , comment and discuss on any subject concerning photography! :)

Thanks for sharing your bags with us Denis. Crikey, you have more social media than I do. Love that view camera.
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