In your bag No: 679, Jurgen van der Pol
Todays bag is a little bit early, because I have to get on a plane and will not be able to do anything for hours and hours. But it is worth it, as it is a great bag filled with awesome gear.

My name is Jurgen van der Pol and I’m from The Netherlands. I totally love this in your bag series, great to see al that fantastic gear! This is what’s in my bag:

Contax RX with the silky smooth Planar 1.4/85, a combination which I use 90% of the time

Distagon 2.8/28

Planar 1.4/50

Two lens hoods and a couple of lens bags

Lowepro shoulder bag

Kodak EBX (still have a few packs in the freezer, dunno what to do when those go out :-<<<)

There’s also a ‘big bag’ that stores other items like:

Another (backup) Contax RX (loaded with B&W Adox CHS 100 ART)

Vivitar 3.8/19 (most lens fun for €25 ever)

Vario-Sonnar 3.5-4.5/28-70 (what was I thinking!?)

Sonnar 2.8/135 (mheh)

Sonnar 2.8/180 (big, but good)

Assorted filters


Assorted tidbits

I’ve been bitten by the Contax virus ever since my dad gave me his dad’s 1930’s Contax I and kit (which I still own, btw, but that’s a different bag) as a boy. Vividly remember lusting after the Contax RTS and the 1.4/85, nose pressed against the shop window… Oh boy! Doing the newspaper rounds I finally managed to scrouge engough money to buy a second hand Yashica FX II + 1.9/50 as an early teenager (have that one also stlll around, yet another bag…), the promise being that “One day, one day, I’ll get me the 1.4/85!”… Anyways, later in life I bought the RX and the 1.4/85 new, finally fulfilling that childhood dream :-). Been using it ever since, quietly expanding the collection, getting some new, some off ebay. If there’s one thing missing that I’d really like to have, it’s the Distagon 2.8/21…

I purely shoot for pleasure, don’t bother showing stuff off on the web. Well, ok, just one:

Well, anyways, hope you like my bag!

Cheers from the North Sea coast,

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Jurgen. I love the Contax, those lenses are incredible.
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