In your bag No: 680, Beat Belmont
Beat is off to Israel for a few months, and this is his kit. I hope he travels better than I do. I am useless for about a week after I travel…Just like now. Anyway, check out this great bag.

My name is Beat Belmont, I’m a 23 year old guy from Switzerland, and this is my bag for my 3-month stay in Tel Aviv, that starts next week. (I don’t want to carry the whole setup with me when I’m there, but this is what comes on the plane).

The bag is a V-reporter bag, made from brown leather

Hasselblad XPAN with 45mm and 90mm lens: fantastic camera, fantastic lenses.

Contax S2 with 50mm f/1,7 Carl Zeiss lens: my low-light solution, i still have to get used to the spot-meter

Olympus XA (for b&w film) my everyday-camera. always in my pocket

Contax T2 (for color film) love the lens on this. my only flash-option.

I like to try out different films. Right now, I’m mostly shooting TMX 100 and Superia 400.
I always carry a pen and a notebook and there’s also a wallet in the picture.
I started photographing two years ago, when I bought my first camera, a Yashica Electro 35 ME (Zone-focusing, great lens). What followed was a terrible phase of GAS, that ended with buying the S2 (to use my fathers Yashica-lenses). I don’t do a specific kind of photography but I’m living on the countryside, so there are landscapes and trees and animals in it. When I’m in towns, I’m trying to do some street photography.

Some time ago I started a tumblr which I update occasionally:
All the best,

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Beat. I hope that you have had some great photo opportunities in Israel.
Check out the link and please come and comment.

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