In your bag 266, Steven Xue
Todays bag comes from a young guy with a lot of passion for film photography. Check out his epic bag, how many 16 year olds do you know who even know what a Mamiya RZ67 is?  Let alone carry one. Check it out.

Hello all of you camera geeks out there, I’m Steven Xue from Chicago IL U.S. I’m 16 years old, I found photography 2 years ago with my iPhone and just went on from there. I recently switched to film as I sold my DSLR and just been loving film cameras and the qualities of film.

This is my camera bag, it’s from Crumpler. With it, are the following:

Mamiya RZ67 Pro II with the orginial 6×7 back
Mamiya Sekor Z 110mm F/2.8 W
Mamiya Sekor Z 150mm F/3.5 W
AE Prism Finder
Left Hand Grip (L-Grip)
6×4.5 back
Polaroid back
G-2 Bellow lens shade
Canon 7 w/Nikkor 50mm F/2
iPhone 4S
Photojournal w/pencil from Delfonics Design

Not pictured:

FujiFilm X10 (to take this picture)
iPad (sometimes I carry with me to browse the web or to show photos)

Normally when I’m out I would just have the Canon or the X10 with me, because anyone who have used the RZ67 knows that it weights a ton, not something you want to carry with you everywhere. But I do really like to shoot with the RZ67, usually just with the waist level finder. I like how I could see the image in a lower angle and it’s reversed sideways, so it kind of makes you reappraoch and frame your shot a little bit different. With that I just use my iPhone as a meter, because I don’t have one right now.

I love the FujiFilm X10 for it’s compact form factor and the convience of it, since it’s now my only digital camera. With that being said, I do still use my iPhone to capture interesting things around when I don’t have a “camera” with me. Love the apps on that, and that you can share your photo instantly everybody on the internet.

With just two years of experience, I’m of course still learning new techniques everyday. Try to imporve my photographs and more importantly find my own style in photography. I shoot street and still life as of now, but I would like to explore and try new things out.

Check out my work at:

Instagram: @istevenxue

Thank You

Thanks for sharing your fantastic bag with us Steven, it is great to see someone so young who is already using the massive Mamiya. Keep up the good work.
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