In your bag No: 1320, Tina Kino
Happy New year to one and all. And what a bag we have to kick start 2016 with. If you are limping around after a bit of NYE excess, then take a load of and let this soothe your shattered nerves. A fantastic bag, straight from Berlin. Check it out.

Hello again from Berlin!

I just realised it’s almost excactly a year since my first “In your bag” submission, so thought I could do an update, since things changed a bit…

So here’s a very straight-forward no-nonsense shot of the bag I carry pretty much every day through the streets of Berlin and beyond..

It’s not just film any more – I bought a digital SLR because I just needed one for work, and use it for personal stuff more and more as well.

A bit hard to see as I’ve taped it up so much, but that’s a Nikon D3 in the lower left there. Great camera. Big and heavy, yes.

Above are two L35AF’s, basically my favourite point-and-shoot cameras. I tried a lot and sold almost all but these two.

For more control when shooting film there’s an F3. To be honest not my favourite Nikon SLR, but I broke all others I had and this one lasts.. : ]

When I bring both the F3 and D3 I choose Nikkors that work well on both, so I can swap when I need to.

So here you see the 85 f/1.8D on the D3, 35 f/2 D on the F3, the old but great 20 f/3.5, and 50 f/1.4 when it really gets dark…

The bag is a Domke F2 – would never buy this new as it’s effing expensive, but got this for a steal as it’s condion was “very worn” –

which was perfect for me as I wanted a bag that doesn’t attract attention. It’s the best camera bag I ever had, seriously.

Very comforfable even when heavy loaded, and usability is great.

Here’s some links if you want to see work of mine..

tumblr  –

flickr  –

ello  –

Cheers from Berlin!

Tina Kino

Thanks for coming back to us, Tina. I love the war on that F2, that is how mine is starting to look. Have a great 2016.

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