In your bag No: 1383, John Saves
Blimey, it has been a busy week, hopefully I can start getting the posting back to normal now. And what better way to get things going again? With a fantastic bag of course. One camera and some of the best mints known to man or beast.

hello, this is my bag. 

It’s an old, modified 13″ ‘dothebag’ (the non photo-version). 

I love it because it’s solid leather yet lightweight, small, simple and inconspicuous. And it becomes more beautiful the more you use it…

My camera is a Leica M7. It’s easy and comfortable to use. And compareable cheap if you buy it 2nd hand. I use it with the zeiss zm c biogon 35mm and the c sonnar 50mm f1,5. For about 95% of my shots i use the 35mm. Actually i should sell the 50mm again… 

I shoot mainly black/white and am still on the hunt for “my” favorite film – developer combinaton. For me TriX is a bit too grainiy but the t-max & deltas are too clean. So i’m often exploring new films & film-developer combinations – sometimes winning, sometimes failing… that’s what i love about film: there’s always adventure and the posibility to fail:-)

Since it’s not only my photo bag but my day by day bag i carry some more stuff: a song book (I’m a pastor:-), notebook, pens, candy, a leatherman, a gps watch, some stuff to read and a little photobook with some of my pics – it helps a lot if you want to convince people to have a picture taken.

Photography is my hobby for quite a long time. i got my first film camera in elementary school, went digital 10 years ago and since ~3 years i’m back to film again. 

Just recently I bought a film scanner & i’m not much of an online person – so there isn’t much to find about my work in the internets. A few shots are here:


John Saves

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, John. I am loving the simplicity of this one.
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