In your bag No: 1382, Tray Anderson
I have had a couple of days off, which is rare for me. So back on the saddle with a very fine bag indeed. A great selection of really nice cameras. Including a whopping great SL. Check it out.

I enjoy perusing the various featured bags and thus am sharing mine.
I’m in the serious hobbyist/not serious professional classification and focus on landscape and architecture. Work requires quite a bit of travel so enjoy documenting the various locales as I meander. Explains why so much of my work is evening and night long exposures, mixed with the landscape work which tends to be vacation travel or local here in my home of Asheville, NC.
Having started in film, I find the experience of film shooting very grounding. Transfers quite well to my digital work. I enjoy shooting 120mm, and find my Fuji (GS645W Professional) to be quite a packable travel camera. This unit has a 45mm lens which works perfectly for me as the 28mm is my preferred lens in 35mm format. An added bonus is 15 shots per roll with the 6×4.5 framing.
My 35mm is a Minolta CLE and cannot praise this camera enough. Well thought out with excellent build quality, I find myself preferring the CLE to a M6 for lightness of weight. I shoot with a 28mm and 90mm so the framing works for my lens set versus using a 35mm lens.
I have recently traded out my Leica rangefinder for the SL. I find the EVF allows for ultra precise focus and am quite pleased with the image quality. I do enjoy the dual card slots which I think should be standard on cameras at this price point. I shoot exclusively with M glass so have no need for the auto features on this camera. I am hopeful that Leica with introduce a rangefinder size camera with the EVF and dual card slots with keeping everything else the M experience.
A tripod is a must for my long exposures, using the Three Legged Thing’s carbon fiber; great usability, weight and price point.
I prefer a bag that doesn’t look like a camera bag, so I use Renaissance Art’s Mini-Dan bag, small size that doesn’t draw any notice. A benefit of the size is it requires me to be selective in my packing!
Of course no kit would be complete without JCH’s film cases, one for 35mm and one for 120mm.

You can find my work at and on 500px and Instagram at traywickanderson.

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Tray. That is an epic setup. I am very happy to hear you like the film cases.
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