In your bag No: 1571 – Anugrah Dwi Prasetyo

Anugrah shares with us his updated arsenal which he likes to run OG Kentmere through. 

Hello! it’s me again,

It’s been 4 years since i submitted my first bag, now i would like to share a recently updated bag. 4 years ago, i sat in a high school and now i stu(dying) interior design in Bandung based art and design school. I’ve through many places in Bandung, many rolls I’ve developed (mostly in colors), I’ve sold my AE-1 Program for an A-1, bought an FM, F3 (with a motor drive), and Olympus Mju I (unfortunately just broken yesterday). I do prefer mechanical shutter cameras (or Nikon) than (Canon) today. I still shoot architectural and street since day 1. After shooting in colors since 4 years ago, today i do prefer to shoot in black and white films, i just bought 4 rolls (a roll in F3) of FOTOIMPEX CHM 400, Bandung are often cloudy these days so i prefer 400 than the 100.

This is my ‘full’ bag but i often use the smaller ones to carry a F3.

@paramprasetyo is the username(s), i just use an account for any use, i don’t have any portfolio/analog photography account like others.

Keep inspiring!

Hatur Nuhun! (Thank You in Sundanese)


Anugrah Dwi Prasetyo

Thanks for sharing with us your bag shot Anugrah. That motordrive must burn through film like crazy, only 3 rolls are enough?

Keep them coming folks, we need more submissions, so get your bag on

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