In your bag No: 1538 – Toro Elmar

Toro packs a lot of goodies into a nice, deceptively small bag. I use the same one when I cycle!

This is my first time submit “In Your Bag”. My name’s Toro Elmar. Born and live in Jakarta, Indonesia. Currently work as Head of Graphic Design in a e-commerce company. And this is actually my everyday bag. I’m not refering myself as street photographer, I just love shooting with my camera, and don’t know what it’s usually happens on the street.

I still use film in most time, but i just happen don’t have a time to develop it. So most my films are in a box. And most of the time i use my Ricoh GR, as it’s small and fit on my pocket or any bag.

So here’s what’s in my bag:

  • Chrome Industries Kadet, I really like this bag, small, compact and all my daily stuff for commute fits there. But no padding on the front, so i added some pad from my old camera bags.
  • Ricoh GR and DIY 28mm Viewfinder, bought it in 2014, Very love this camera, i had owned Ricoh GR1 (broken, and sold it to a friend), Ricoh GRD2 (sold), and Ricoh GRD1(Sold). And just recently my Ricoh GR just got the common issue among GR Shooters: Dust Problem. Even it’s pretyy small, but still pretty disturbing when it’s on high contrast. Thinking to sell it, and upgrade to Ricoh GRII (still wait for Ricoh GRIII thou). The viewfinder i got it from eBay like only for $2.
  • Thinktank Little Stuff It!, to put my Ricoh GR inside, became a bit worry when there’s a little dust on my GR, because i usually only put it on any pocket on my bag, or just on my jeans pocket.
  • Ricoh GW-3 and GH-3, Bought it last year, the result from this adapter is pretty sharp, love it so much, but not pocketable, so not everyday i use it.
  • Voigtlander Bessa R, this is recently my only film camera left, Bought it on 2013 for like around $150 with Jupiter 5 on eBay, What i like about this camera is the viewfinder that is so big and clear also the lightmeter still working properly.
  • Voigtlander Color Skopar 35/f.2.5, bought it last year with a cheap price, but with the cons on the lens, that has a little haze but till now still has no problem with the result (at least with my taste)
  • Jupiter 3 50mm/1.5, not the newest version from Lomography x Zenith, but the original one, actually i’m selling this one in Indonesia, and I’m looking for Canon LTM or another Voigt like Nokton.
  • iPod Classic 160gb, still working perfectly since 2007. Not thinking to replace it with a hires DAP. 
  • Noontec Powerbank
  • Moleskine Sketchbook, with a daily work always in front of computer, drawing traditionally on paper becoming a therapeutic activity for me.
  • iPhone 6 128gb
  • Audio Technica CKS55i with cable mods
  • Belkin Lightning Bolt Cable
  • Supercase for keeping my earphone and USB Flashdrive

Another camera i have is Sony A7 with FE 50/1,8, the one i used took this photo, but i never bring it during daily. Only for special ocassion, or if my wife told me to take a pic of her (yup i’m also an #instagramhusband, lol)

I guess that’s it.

Thanks for Reading!, and also thanks Bellamy and all JCH Readers and Contributor! Keep inspiring!

you can find me at: (my long term photography project)

Thanks for sharing your gear with us, Toro. I feel it would be an opportunity lost if you didn’t have an Elmar for that Bessa ;)

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