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In your bag No: 601, Daniel Moore
Well, after number 600, and Dan K’s epic post, I thought it might be hard to follow. But young Daniel steps into the spotlight and does not disappoint. A great bag from bracing Blackpool.

My name is Daniel Moore I am 21 and am from Ireland. I am a student studying graphic design in the north of England in a small seaside town called Blackpool, which is nicknamed the Vegas of England, it really is nothing compared to the real thing. I came across photography 3 years ago when I signed up to be a designer, my teacher suggested I buy a DSLR to help improve my studio shots of my work. After a while I was doing more shooting outside than inside the studio.

Hard to say who would be my main influence in photography as my style changes every so often due to all the new things I learn everyday. Eric Kim who we all know was the first person I seen online to show me what street photography was. Ever since I heard about it I’ve been taking my camera on nearly every trip I’ve been on.

I started out with a Canon 1000D I think it cost me £300 on ebay, I thought it was the greatest thing ever being able to control the shutter speed and aperture because I could never do it on any other cameras I had previously owned. Then surely enough the day came when like a lot of people I seen the Fuji x100 advertised and instantly fell in love with it, which sparked my interest in older cameras and the use of film. Great thing is still being in college I can develop and scan my film for free, and experiment with cross processing etc.

In my really old bag which came included with my Canon Av-1 I have:

Fuji x100 (such a great we light camera I try to bring everywhere and even does well doing my product photography in the studio, I call it ‘The Little Workhorse’ as when all else fails it alway pulls through.)

Canon Av-1 with a 50mm f1.4 (love this camera, the look the feel how it performs, and weirdly how heavy and good quality it feels. i always get really lovely results with this camera, it is a joy to use)

Ricoh KR-10 with a 50mm f2 ( again another great SLR, I dont carry it around often however it usually sits in my car, there seems to be a tint on the view finder which is great for shooting in sunlight but not at night I havent a clue what im focusing on)

Holga 135BC (fun small toy camera, i use it for double, triple and upward exposures. You can just go crazy with it and end up with some mad crazy results.)

I am just back from a trip to Los Angles and Vegas where I did as much street photography as I can and emmm was a complete tourist but it was a dream holiday and i seen some very interesting and maybe crazy people. You can see these shots and my other photograph on these websites

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about me, my gear and photos
Means a lot!!

Daniel Moore

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Daniel. I have been to Blackpool. A very very long time ago, to see the lights. There must be plenty of interesting characters there to shoot.
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