In your bag 794, Yip Feng
A bit different today. Young Yip shares with us a Medium format and instant set that looks like a load of fun. Check this one out.

Hey Bellamy! I’ve been following JCH for a while now and I’ve always wanted to share what’s in my photography bag but never got around to till now. I’m Yip Feng, aged 17 and I’m a student in Singapore. I picked up photography when I was 15 so it really hasn’t been very long. I tell people I take photos, and there’s still a long way to go before i can call myself a photographer. I do street photography in my free time but I mainly cover events for my school nowadays (Of course, not with a Hasselblad). I’m currently the head of photography in the Film Sound Video society in school. I do studio shoots sometimes too.

I’ve had probably 10 different cameras during this short time I’ve spent learning photography, ranging from a Leica M8 to a Canon Eos 6D and currently, a Hasselblad 500C/M as pictured above. I’m currently using this beast of a Medium format camera as my first step into film photography. I’m challenging myself to shoot a series of 6 images for an upcoming competition all purely on 120 film and thus the Hasselblad.

So for this ‘In my bag’, I firstly, use a Manfrotto Bella IV camera bag. I chose this bag as it’s really unassuming, and people wouldn’t expect to find anything really expensive inside this. Inside my bag, I carry my Hasselblad 500C/M with the old Carl Zeiss 80/2,8, the prism viewfinder and the A12 back attached holding some Portra 400. I carry around a second bag containing Portra 100 too. The bag also sometimes hold the Polaroid back with a pack of unloaded Fujifilm polaroids. I usually shoot the polaroids to give my subjects or to make test shots. I take the Was it level finder with me too but I really hardly use it. The iPhone 5s is currently my light meter and the wallet is pretty mandatory when I run out of film.

After coming from shooting a Leica M8, as mechanical a digital camera could get, the Hasselblad was a whole new level for me, someone who has never shot a film camera. However, shooting this thing is extremely refreshing and it really slows you down when you’re shooting. After all, you don’t have a 64GB SD card, just a couple rolls of very expensive film one shouldn’t waste. I really don’t have a digital camera currently, minus the GoPro Hero 3 that I shot the picture with. I have to save up for my cameras and currently, savings haven’t gotten me far enough for a second camera.

Well, that’s about it really, hope you guys like my simple set up! My flickr is really empty now as I hardly share photos there, but I’m planning to upload more in future!

Instagram: @mae_ki

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Yip. Keep on enjoying that film, good stuff.
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