In your bag No: 585, Dominik Mrzyk
Dominik send us his bag from Poland today. And a cool little bag it is too. I think the Americans call it a fanny pack (fnarr), but apparently it is a kidney bag in Poland. Anyway, come and check out this sweet little bag.

My name is Dominik Mrzyk, but you can call me Dominik, as my last name is near impossible to pronounce for non-polish speakers :)

I’m 21 and I live all my life in Upper Silesia, Poland. I’m a student of French literature and language (oui, je parle français. Un peu). I’m interested in photography since 2007, so not so long. But in this period of time I was still searching my perfect camera, ideal for my lifestyle: everyday I’m going nearly 40km ONE WAY to university. (Yeah, that’s 2 hours at bus in one way) I have heavy bag, full of food and my tablet and headphones and notebooks and this and that… So I need a light camera.

In 2011 I first read about Leica somewhere. I read about M8, M9 and then about M6, M4, pre-war Leicas… I was in love, I was thinking “omg, that’s amazing, not like these DSLRs which everybody have!”. But I was shooting with my trusty Samsung NX5 with 30mm f2 and many Olympus film cameras… I bought and sell a lot of cameras. I started shooting with Fed 5b and Jupiter 8 and that was my everyday camera for last 6 months (but it’s sooo heavy!). And a few weeks ago I spotted a Leica Mini II on a polish auction site. I thought “I don’t have money for that, it’ll cost 100 euro”. But at this time there was also unpacked Leica C1 so all the collectors were bidding for C1 and not for my Mini II, which I bought for 25 euro! YEAH!

Now, after my semestral exams, I have some holidays (woohoo, free time until september arrives!). I want to spend some quality time with my beautiful girlfriend (love you!), you know, walking to park, sunbathing at lake, meeting with friends, barbecuing, watching films, drinking beer, and of course shooting photos!

I think I’m a lifestyle photographer. I like to document our life, our friends, parties, enviroment, the Silesian Metropolis (an aglomeration of 14 cities) but also manifestations and protests (I’m a big fan of revolutions and I’m dreaming of being a revolution/war photographer). Ada, my girlfriend, is my best editor – she picks up my best photos and makes albums of these! She agreed for Leica M5 after our wedding, so I’ll write to you Bellamy in a few years ;)

So this is my everyday bag for free time:

– Leica Mini II (gaffer-taped, cuz you never know where you’ll be shooting) with a 0,25$ handstrap

– my wallet

– phone (Nokia N8 with amazing Carl Zeiss tessar 28/2,8 and 12Mpx camera)

– keys with yawara

– roll of Solution VX 200 (expired rebranded Konica VX200, 10$ for pack of 10, so the cheapest)

– earphones (5$ philips, very comfy in hot weather)

– cloth for lens cleaning

– mini tripod (1$! for night shooting with leica and selfies with Ada)

– and a bag. I don’t know what it’s name in English, here we call it a kidney-bag because you wear it at your kidney :d Notice this Leica pin-button, which I’ve got from my girlfriend!

Find me on twitter! I love talking with internet friends about cameras and things!

And look at my tumblr!

And flickr!

I don’t have a portfolio because I prefer stories rather than single photos.

Best regards from Poland,
keep shooting!


Thanks for sharing your gear and your passion with us Dominik. I love the sleek look of the taped up Mini II.
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