In your bag 1056, Sean Thomas
Back stateside we go, with peek inside the bag of a photography student. If this is how they are doing things at Savannah, then I heartily approve. Check it out.


My name is Sean Thomas and I’m a 21 year old photography student at the Savannah College of Art and Design. I was turned on to your site a little over a year ago by Thomas O’Connell (Bag 584) and I can honestly say it’s influenced how I shoot and go about shooting on my day to day basis.

A little more about me. I got into photography almost 7 years ago now and not a day goes by where i’m not glad I picked it up. I was an avid skier back in HS and was enamored with the images I would see in magazines and the internet of skiers in the mountains and on the streets pushing the sport. Naturally I had to try my hand at it. My first camera wasn’t even mine, it was my dads Nikon D100 with a 17-55 Tamron lens. From there I picked up a Nikon F100 which I shot through the remainder of HS and have dabbled with a handful of other cameras since. I gotta say that shooting film was a no brainer for me, when I developed my first roll I was hooked. It’s been a blast to balance it out with the digital work but I’m currently attempting to go fully film.

Since my first year photographing i’ve been drawn to Landscapes primarily and trying every possible thing I can on the side. As I said earlier your site has had an influence on my work, and since I started reading it and looking at the bags I’ve taken up a keen interest in the Street and Documentary styles of photography. It’s been a trip to push myself out of the serenity of the Land and bring over my interests in the form of the ever moving street scene. I’m currently working on a body of work about Savannah Ga and have a mountain of film to scan from this past year that I’ve slowly been working through.

But what’s currently In My Bag

No bag, I try to have as little on my when I go outside.

1. Id’s, always needed

2. petty cash, just in case something comes up

3. lighter

4. cigarette

5. house key

6. 2 extra rolls tri-x 400  (1 loaded in camera) (Ektar 100 for color)

7. stick of gum

8. timex watch, I leave my phone at home and people always seem to ask what the time is

9. bike key/room key

10. Leica M6 w/35 Summilux pre asph, lens hood, wrist strap (actually a shoe string) and Contax TLA 200(sometimes)

11. mechanical pencil

12. moleskine

That’s it. By no means all my gear but just what I travel around most with now.
You can check out my past work on my website and I’ll be updating
soon with my work in progress.

-Sean Thomas

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Sean. Ditch those retro smokes and get yourself into the modern era. Hehe.
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