In your bag No: 1362, Evgeniy
A short and sweet bag shot for the start of the weekend. Which suits me just fine as it is springtime in Tokyo and I want to get out there and look at the sakura. But before I do, check out this superb bag.

Hi my name is Evgeniy. I live in Toronto, Canada I work at the Royal Bank of Canada as as a corporate financial advisor. Photography has always been the biggest passion for me ever since my grade 9 teacher handed me a Nikon FM of hers and taught me to develop film at the school dark room.
I use a Canon AE1 Program which i bought while ago for a steal of a price , I always use it with a Canon FD 50mm 1.8 lens and a backup camera is my Galaxy S6 for those Instagram shots. For night time shots I use the vivitar flash. I do wide range of street, nature and landscape photography.
You can check out my Instagram @eugeneshvetsov

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Evgeniy. I love the simplicity of this one.
Keep them coming folks, we need more submissions, so get your bag on

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