In your bag No: 1229, Carlos Echenique
Carlos has apparently lived in a cave for a very long time, but now he has finally ventured out into the piercing light and decided to lose the cheese camera and get some real gear. Check this one out.

Here is my story:

Living in a cave for 47 years, I taught myself photography after I built my first camera out of cheese. One day, I uncovered the body of a scientist who had been covertly studying me. He had been killed by flamingos, but his camera survived. In his bag I found a change of clothes and a map. Making my way to civilization, I was mistaken for a eccentric swamp photographer and was given an arts grant. The rest is history.

Seriously (Ha! As if…), I became a photographer at the age of 12 when my parents gave me a Yashica TL-Electro. I shot film for many decades, but made the jump to fully digital 10 years ago. I recently became a Sony shooter after have tested pretty much every major mirrorless camera system in existence. Why mirrorless? Because I can easily shoot legacy glass. Why Sony? The Sony A7 II is full frame, has IBIS that works with any lens, and has killer dynamic range. The primes you see in my photo are all Canon FD primes that I picked up on eBay. A Metabones adapter makes it all work beautifully.

I currently run a forum for Sony photographers – and a blog – and my pro gallery is at I can also be seen at Flickr –

Thanks for peeking into my bag.

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Carlos. I like the back story. Though the bit about flamingoes is a bit hard to swallow, they are peace loving hippie birds.
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