In your bag No: 1206, Pacifico “PJ” Ortiz Luis
Today we get to have a look inside a divers bag! Well, kind of. Pacifico like to shoot on land and sea, but this bag is aimed at being a waterproof kit. Pretty cool stuff. Check it out.

When I am on land, I prefer shooting portraits on medium format film. When I am in the ocean, I usually carry a Nikonos with me. I also use a Minolta Weathermatic or Hanimex Amphibian [not pictured] everyso often. Shooting in the ocean is very similar to street photography. There are many fast moving objects that you must be able to predict patterns for in order to capture them correctly. San Diego isn’t known for its underwater life, so through my photography I am able to educate people about our local waters.

People have been trying to get me to take the dive [ha!] and get a GoPro….but it doesn’t fit my shooting style. I always have extra film with me, but have never needed to reload while out in the ocean. The Nikonos V fits my style, personality, and breathing rhythms perfectly. I don’t use a snorkel so I have to slow down my breathing, which in turn slows down my approach to photography.

For my bag, I use a Herschel Eighteen Bag. I personalized it with custom brass anchor leather zipper pulls. I sometimes use it on land for photo walks or when I’m trying to be a tourist without lugging around a huge backpack.

The Contents:
-Nikonos V + Kodak Portra, Kodak Ektar, or C41-Process B&W film
-Weathermatic Waterproof Film Case
-Aquasphere Seal Goggles
-iPhone 5S in a Lifeproof case
-Klean Kanteen Insulated Water Bottle
-My Car Keys + Pirate Swiss Army Knife

And you can see more of my work at:

Pacifico “PJ” Ortiz Luis

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Pacifico. It is really cool to see this kind of bag, not your everyday setup.
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