In your bag No: 1205, Ilia Yefimovich
As it is a Sunday, we have a bit of a special 2 for one deal. 2 bags for the price of one. Come and check out Ilia Yefimovich’s bags, including the one for ‘special projects’.

I’m Ilia Yefimovich documentary photographer , at the moment based in Israel but work both in Russia and Israel. My work is a research of human conflict and it obsession with territory . Also I’m a co-founder of New Documentary Platform “The Archive” – it published bi monthly as a digital magazine and once in a while as printed exhibitions around the world.
Here are my 2 set ups:

For my everyday use :
–billingham hadley small with Domke FA-203 insert (a bit thiner then the billingham one)
— Leica M9 with leica 28mm f/2.8 Elmarit I
— Leica M with leica 50mm summicron
— 3 batteries for the cameras
— Note pad with a pan inside
— Voigtlander Heliar 75mm f/1.8 Lens

For my special projects:
— Goruck radio ruck bag
— Linhof Technika 5×7”
–Rodenstock 210mm f5.6 apo-sironar-n lens
–Minolta IV meter
–Linhof Cable release
–Rodenstock loupe 4x
–Gitzo tripod plate
— 5×7 film holders full of kodak tri-x 320

And in a seperate picture my favorite camera:
! ! voigtlander bessa iii wide ! !

Here you can see most of my work :

and the magazine on:

thank you very much
Ilia Yefimovich

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Ilia. Some lovely kit you have there.
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