In your bag No: 1648 – Bill Thoo

Bill goes medium the smallest way with just these accompanying him on his travels.

I am a hobbyist photographer who has returned to analog photography.  I had dabbled with a Holga several years ago and on reviewing those images more recently was amazed at the detail that even a poor plastic lens could resolve on 120 film. I was determined to try medium format in film. 
My first more recent analog forays were still in 35mm with my old plastic fantastic Minoltas, but on a trip to Tokyo I found a Pentax 6×7 and an M4. The images from the Pentax are superb, and on Fuji positive stock I was even accused of posting digital images because of the resolution and lack of grain! On the down side is that the Pentax is a beast to carry. 
And then there came the Mamiya 6.  It’s a rangefinder with no mirror slap, has great glass, and has a collapsing bellow that makes it more compact. The form factor isn’t small, but it has Bruce Banner’s weight division compared to the Pentax’s Hulk, and is lighter than my fully kitted Sony mirrorless rig. The 6×6 poses compositional challenges fit for the Instagram generation. The Mamiya 6 is my go to for a light medium format travel option. 
Landscape and night photos are my loves and I have the 50mm/f4 lens.  I have attached the Ona Kyoto leather wrist strap. My bag is the Lowepro Toploader Pro 70 AW II, which is small enough to not get in the way, and just about big enough to fit the Pentax 6×7 when I need to, whilst having plenty of useful storage and rain protection (for every time I have ever been to Kyoto). I am packing 120 half film cases with Streetpan, TriX, Tmax, Ektar, Portra, Provia, FP4, and Lomo Potsdam for my next Japan trip.
My Instagram is @billthoo and @analognights

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