In your bag 329, Camille Ang
Yay, a lady bag. It is not often that we get to feature girls bags on the site. Camille has been kind enough to share hers with us. Let’s have a look.

My name is Camille Ang, 21 from Singapore. I am a fresh graduate who recently became a full analogue photographer in May when i embarked on my graduation trip to Europe. This passion for analogue photography over the past few months is unbelievable. I have became an analogue addict. Being a new photographer, i do not own many fancy and expensive equipments. However i thought it will be interesting to share with all of you what i brought recently on my trip to Hokkaido, Japan.

Kiev 4A – a gift from Germany and also a camera ive been wanting to get my hands on. although its been said to be quite temperamental  it has proved to be a reliable one during my entire trip in Hokkaido.

Lc-wide – definitely my most valuable and reliable, also my all time favourite camera because of its wide angle which captures beautiful landscapes

My first festival survival kit – a Dr Martens bag from the laneway festival i went in 2012 which i use to fill it with films, batteries, shutter release cable, flash and flash cable

My underwear pouch – A pouch i bought from Belgium which i put in my sanitizer, inhaler and other handy items

My Kanken bag – my favourite backpack which is really useful for photography adventures


Sticky – definitely cant leave home without any sweets to keep me going


Passport – a must when travelling

My analogue trips have thus far brought me much satisfaction and excitement. I am really excited about my next one in November to Korea and China. Hopefully this time, the japan hunter film will arrive in time at my door step to accompany me on this analogue journey.

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Yours Sincerely,

Camille Ang (:

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Camille, it is nice to see a girls bag for a change.
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